Maxwellia is a new biotech and health technology inspired Self Care innovation company that develops new over the counter medicines for Self Care and commercialises them via joint ventures or licences them as “turnkey” growth opportunities to established consumer healthcare companies.

Maxwellia pioneers well established prescription drugs, combined with information and technology, through a reclassification process to change their legal status so that they can be made more widely available to buy in pharmacies or supermarkets to help people look after themselves without the need to bother the doctor every time.

This specialist type of drug innovation is called ‘switching'. Maxwellia are UK/EU experts in this kind of work.

There are a growing number of people who suffer annoying lifestyle limiting conditions, who want to manage their health without bothering the doctor but they are unable access the medicines and information they need; because they don’t have time, don’t understand what is wrong or the best drugs are only available on prescription.

We are on a mission to widen access to more medicines to help people look after themselves first with regard to their own health. That means unlocking the potential of some well established prescription drugs, safely repurposing them for Self Care and setting about building some valuable new products that will be available from your local pharmacy.

A Pre-Qualified EIS Opportunity

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