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Maxwellia is an innovative consumer healthcare company building and commercialising a pipeline of new healthcare brands that make it easier for people to look after themselves.

We have created the UK’s first and only company dedicated to switching. We identify untapped consumer health sectors with unmet needs and bring suitable products to life to meet that need. We’re shaking up the sector by harvesting those forgotten prescription-only medicines and giving them a new lease of life as brands that consumers want and need. In doing this, we enable people to manage their health for themselves, for the first time and step change the market.

It’s time for something new. 
It’s time for Maxwellia.

We are the only company focused on launching first-to-consumer brands in new therapy areas, expanding the healthcare retail market:

•  New Pharmacy-only medicines in new therapeutic categories.

•  Evidence-based treatment programmes that are proven to work.

•  Bespoke customer materials and unique technological and digital solutions to optimise product use.

Many of our brands are used for longer than the traditional pharmacy product, often used for just one week. Maxwellia brands are for longer-term use or are courses of treatment, generating incremental business for pharmacy. Our unique digital support for these brands facilitates and optimises customer engagement with the brand, promoting long-term loyalty.

Other companies provide a me-too medicine. Maxwellia provides a new medicine, in a new therapy area, with a technological interface to help customers self-care more effectively to manage their health for themselves, for the first time.


Why Maxwellia?

Many of our everyday health brands, such as Nurofen, Nexium Control and Viagra Connect, were once available only on prescription. Switching medicines over-the-counter allows them to be advertised – they are easier to access and more convenient for people to use. This drives consumer demand creating new healthcare markets.

With an innovative pipeline of products and a unique Dynamic Switch process that enables us to work with regulators to switch multiple brands concurrently, leanly and efficiently with greater chance of success. Maxwellia is now poised to deliver a rapid return on investment.

We know:

•  Switching medicines from prescription to over the counter is proven to grow markets – 9 of the top 20 healthcare brands in the EU were products previously only available on prescription.

•  Being first to market in a new therapeutic category creates lasting competitive advantage – Imodium, Nurofen, Zovirax were all first-to-consumer brands in their category and they remain the number one brands in their therapy area.

•  We have the greatest switching expertise of any company in the UK in getting first-to-consumer brands through the regulatory challenges.

•  We have two products in the final stages of regulatory approval with a pipeline of 4 more already in progress.

Maxwellia is pre-qualified for EIS investment.

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