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Maxwellia is working on a wide range of consumer healthcare products and will be bringing a range of innovative new brands to market over the coming months and years.

Find out more about the brands that we have launched below: 


Lovima® was launched by Maxwellia in 2021 to help transform women's lives by giving them a choice to buy a contraception pill in pharmacies without a prescription, after a consultation with a pharmacist.

The launch of Lovima® is part of a revolution that has taken 60 years, since the launch of the first contraceptive pill in the UK in 1961. Being able to buy Lovima® means no more doctor appointments, no more prescriptions and no more waiting rooms. now you can buy a contraceptive pill from your pharmacy.

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Always read the label.

Find out more about Lovima® or view the Lovima® health care professional training materials.


LoviOne launched in September 2023 and is an emergency contraceptive pill also known as a morning after pill. With unplanned pregnancy an ongoing challenge in the UK, more needs to be done to help women understand the options available to them following unprotected sex. As a branded pharmacy medicine, the launch of LoviOne® will help to raise awareness of the emergency contraception options available

With an RRP of £12.99, LoviOne® has been priced to reflect the current economic climate, and the squeeze on consumer finances. There is currently a significant price-gap between branded EHC products and the generic alternatives that are available to buy over the counter. Maxwellia wanted to introduce an emergency contraceptive pill that provides the reassurance of a brand, at a price that is accessible for most women. 


LoviOne® is 99% effective when taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex, and 84% effective up to 72 hours. We are proud to bring an effective, branded solution to the EHC market.

Always read the label.

Find out more about LoviOne or view the LoviOne healthcare professional training materials.

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