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Maxwellia has cemented its market presence in the UK with three brands already available to buy across leading retail pharmacies and D2C; and a further two brands available from summer 2024. 

 Alongside our existing brands, we have a stacked pipeline of products that we will be bringing to market over the coming months and years, making Maxwellia one of the most exciting consumer healthcare companies in the UK.

Explore our brands

Sexual Health

Maxwellia’s sexual health portfolio consists of three brands, Lovima® daily contraceptive pill, LoviOne® emergency contraceptive pill, and LoviTest™ at home STI test kit.

Always read the label.

Maxwellia made history in 2021 with the launch of Lovima®, one of the first daily contraceptive pill brands to be made available to buy without a prescription. 


Always read the label.

In 2023, Maxwellia launched LoviOne®, an effective emergency contraceptive pill with an accessible retail price.

In 2024, Maxwellia partnered with NorthGene™ to offer a direct-to-consumer at-home STI testing service to bolster our sexual health offer.

Menstrual Health

Maxwellia’s menstrual health portfolio consists of two brands, Evana® heavy period relief and Ultravana® period pain relief.

Always read the label.

In response to increasing demand from an under-served population, Maxwellia is launching Evana® heavy period relief tablets in summer 2024.

Always read the label.

Alongside Evana® heavy period relief tablets, Maxwellia is launching Ultravana® to provide long-lasting relief from painful periods.

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