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Evana® Heavy Period Relief 500mg tablets (tranexamic acid) is Maxwellia’s latest brand launch and will be available to buy in pharmacies from summer 2024.

Designed to help women manage heavy periods, Evana’s launch is in response to a current unmet need in women’s health where ‘normalisation’ of periods means many women are struggling with disruptive symptoms each month and are not seeking advice and treatment from a healthcare professional.

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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding affects as many as 30% of women of reproductive age, a condition that can have significant negative impacts on wellbeing and quality of life. A survey of 3,000 women and girls for the Wellbeing of Women charity found that they are often dismissed as ‘just having a period’ and over half of those surveyed found it difficult to access treatment and support.

Evana® Heavy Period Relief 500mg Tablets contain the active ingredient tranexamic acid, which is a non-hormonal treatment option for heavy menstrual bleeding. It has been shown to reduce menstrual bleeding by up to 60%. Tranexamic acid works to reduce blood loss by helping your body's natural blood clotting process. Classed as an anti-fibrinolytic medicine, tranexamic acid helps blood clots to stay in place, which results in reduced menstrual blood loss.

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Speaking about the launch of Evana® and Maxwellia’s period pain brand Ultravana®, Maxwellia CEO Anna Maxwell said:


“We are 100% committed to improving women’s health in the UK. Heavy and painful periods are common, but they are not normal. We are really pleased to have been able to bring two effective medicines to market that are widely used by doctors in hospitals and clinics and can now be accessed in the pharmacy setting as a self-care option. Through the availability of these new pharmacy brands, we can drive awareness of the condition and let women know that there are treatment options available, with the aim of drawing them in to talk to their pharmacist, which enables an earlier intervention than would normally happen under the present system."

This is another momentous step on our journey in enabling pharmacists to broaden their front-line role helping people take more control of their own health.”


Evana® will be available to buy from leading retail and online pharmacies in summer 2024, as well as via Maxwellia’s direct to consumer website

Evana® Heavy Period Relief 500 mg tablets. Tranexamic acid. Always read the label.

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