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Founded in 2013 Maxwellia is a pioneering, British, independent pharmaceutical company, and the only one 100% purpose-built to develop and commercialise the next generation of consumer healthcare pharmacy brands through reclassification (switching).

Alderley Park, Cheshire, UK – 12th December 2023 – Today, we were delighted to attend and participate in an event held by the PAGB and MHRA to celebrate 40 years of reclassification in the UK. 

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Anna Maxwell, registered pharmacist, self-care visionary and Maxwellia CEO commenting on the event:

“As a result of medicine reclassification, the past 40 years have been truly transformational in the way many of us now manage our own health in the UK. This has been made possible by the commitment, determination and collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals, Government, and regulatory bodies. The UK is now a world leader in reclassifying POM to P and GSL medicines, with countries looking at our switch model for inspiration and practical guidance and I am proud to continue to play a prominent role in this process.


The reclassification or switching of medicine has the power to create a seismic shift from the old-fashioned strategy of symptom management to a focus on prevention and self-treatment of chronic illnesses. To make this happen we need to be forward thinking and continue to identify new opportunities to unlock effective medicines to use OTC. These medicines can be an early intervention mechanism to keep more people out of primary care. Areas such as women’s health where chronic conditions could be managed much more effectively through pharmacy providing greater wellbeing and wider societal benefits. There are drugs with proven efficacy and safety profiles that no longer need to be restricted to prescription only and can safely be made available off the shelf, at an affordable price, with clear instructions for use, that can be quickly and conveniently supplied by a pharmacist.

The establishment of the new Reclassification Alliance signals a renewed enthusiasm for and recognition of the transformative value of reclassified medicines to empower individuals to self-care and reduce costs for the NHS in the long-term. This could be a pivotal moment in reclassification history. I am hopeful that we are entering a new era where there will be greater transparency and openness between regulators and manufacturers with a faster process that facilitates a higher probability of success. We need visionaries steering the regulatory process who understand both the patient need and increasing self-care competency as well as important commercial imperatives and we look forward to these new conversations.


At Maxwellia we see switching as the platinum standard for innovation across the global OTC industry, which is why our lean, agile business model is dedicated to medicines switching. We have a robust ‘unmet need’ pipeline and our foot firmly on the accelerator with a number of new applications gearing up for assessment by the MHRA.” 


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For more information, or to interview Anna Maxwell please contact The Difference Collective:

Kate van Beek: 07525 095232 /

Anna Gray: 07928 700277 /

About Maxwellia

Founded in 2013, Maxwellia is a female founded, British pharma company and the world’s only company completely dedicated to “switching” – prescription-only medicines into versions that can be bought over the counter in a pharmacy. Switching is a rigorous regulatory process enabling pharmacists to safely supply what were previously prescription-only medicines. Maxwellia is developing and commercialising the next generation of consumer healthcare pharmacy brands treating a range of conditions in major public health categories. It aims to provide people with new ways to conveniently look after themselves by making widely used and effective medicines available over the counter at the pharmacy. Maxwellia  has recently received marketing authorisation approval for two women’s health products and is preparing these for launch in Q2 2024. An independent venture-capital start-up, Maxwellia has been most recently financially backed by Channel 4 Ventures, Praetura Ventures and the British Business Bank Future Fund, a government initiative to help cutting-edge British companies of the future thrive.

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