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Identify the critical success factors impacting your switch. Once a drug candidate has been selected SwitchUp is the VITAL next step of the switch journey.

Undertaken by Maxwellia’s unique and multi-disciplinary team of switch experts, we will identify the critical success factors specific to your switch from a commercial, regulatory and clinical perspective.

SwitchUp will help you understand:

•  If your switch is feasible in principle.
•  How to design your switch for the best chance of success.
•  What the risk factors are and how to mitigate them.
•  The potential size of the opportunity.
•  An estimate of the pre- commercialisation and commercialisation fees and costs.
•  The pathway to achieve the switch.

We will help you get clarity on options and issues affecting a potential drug reclassification from Rx to OTC and these outputs can be confidently used for business planning.

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