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We have the expertise – we literally wrote the book about it.

Founder and CEO Anna Maxwell has authored the definitive book on how to take products from a prescription in the doctor’s surgery to being one that can be bought over-the-counter in a pharmacy. The process is known in the industry as ‘switching’ and it’s a complex journey to change the regulatory status of a product from being prescription-only to available to purchase.

Anna’s book offers a practical guide to this transition, in the process making a case for why more medicines should be switched to enable people to better self-care.

“Ultimately, for companies interested in expanding their portfolio to the self-medication market, this book should prove to be a useful starting point and should be required reading.”

Pharmaceutical Journal review, 2013

For a taster of what to expect you can download a chapter of Switch Dynamics.
Copies of Switch Dynamics are available to buy on Amazon.

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