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What makes Maxwellia unique?


At Maxwellia we are only interested in launching game changing medicines that make a real difference to people’s lives.

We are the world’s only company dedicated to bringing prescription medicines to life as new Maxwellia brands. We only sell first-to-consumer products that we have repurposed from being available only on prescription that people can now buy in their local pharmacy.

We are creating new self care categories so people can take better care of their health, not just in the short-term, but in the long-term too.

Our brands are designed to change the way the UK cares for its health now and for the future.

Who are we helping?

The consumer

Maxwellia is the only company dedicated to helping consumers have new, innovative medicines in new therapy areas. For the first time people will be able to treat certain conditions for themselves without the need for a doctors appointment and prescription. Having these medicines available from the pharmacy gives consumers easy and convenient access to medicines with a long-established clinical heritage alongside the advice they need.

The pharmacist

Pharmacies are the first port of call for people to manage their health and pharmacists are increasingly involved wider aspects of healthcare such as vaccinations, clinical reviews and lifestyle changing services.

Pharmacists’ are highly trained and expertise is extensive, but the products they can sell to their customer is limited to traditional categories such as coughs, colds, pain, sore throat, skin and digestive remedies, this limits their ability to play a bigger role in helping to ease the burden on doctors and the NHS.

Maxwellia has set out to change this, we know pharmacy and pharmacists and we know they have been calling for the wider availability of next generation medicines to better help their customers.

Maxwellia is working hard to deliver pharmacists what they want with a range of first-to-consumer self-care brands exclusively available through pharmacies.

The doctor

In the UK, £2bn is spent every year on 18 million GP consultations for conditions people can manage for themselves.[1,2] That’s a lot of time that hard-pressed doctors could be spending on more serious conditions.


By making more products available for people to buy and pharmacists to engage with, this can reduce the number of people having to see their doctor. This not only puts the power back in the hands of the consumer, but helps save the NHS money it can spend on more important things.

More than a pill

Bringing prescription medicines to life as new products that people can buy easily is only part of the solution, however. We know the importance of optimising the product so people can get the greatest benefit from their use.

Our approach is ‘more than a pill’. We challenge and innovate on everything:

•  Identifying those products that meet an unmet need in society, freeing people to take control of their own health in a way they have never been able to before

•  Creating unique Active Packs to make it easy for the pharmacy team to see at a glance whether a product is right for a consumer.

•  Harnessing technology to create bespoke apps for use hand-in-hand with our products for maximum benefit.

We’re working across a wide range of therapy areas to bring breakthrough products into the hands of consumers by making them convenient and easy to access in their local pharmacy.

[1] IMS Health, Minor ailment workload in general practice, 2007.
[2} IMS Health study of self-treatable conditions presenting in A&E units 2014. Data source: HES data. Health Episode Statistics.

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