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Our founder, Anna Maxwell, is a pharmacist. She knows how important the pharmacy is to the heart of healthcare. She also recognises that pharmacists’ skills are often undervalued and under utilised.

Maxwellia knows pharmacy and pharmacists and we know you’ve been calling for the availability of better medicines to help your customers for many years.

Only Maxwellia is dedicated to giving you what you want with a range of first-to-consumer self-care brands, exclusively available through pharmacies.

That’s why Maxwellia brands are designed with the pharmacy in mind, creating new self care categories for the pharmacist to engage with new customers and demonstrate the value of pharmacy care and advice:

•  New Pharmacy Only medicines in new therapeutic categories.

•  Evidence-based treatment programmes that are proven to work.

•  A unique Active Pack that gives you all the information to make an appropriate sale in your hand.

•  High quality, easy-to-use support materials for you and your team.

•  Bespoke customer materials and unique technological and digital solutions that optimise product use and customer success.

With our products, you can be the community pharmacy people need to help them manage their health now and in the long-term.

Maxwellia – your pharmacy partner in enabling you to be a better patient partner.

Sales support

The Miles Group is providing Maxwellia’s national sales support.

Founded in 1977, the Miles Group is the longest established, syndicates sales force of its kind. Registered by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, it specialises in building long-term pharmacy relationships managed by experienced and highly motivated sales professionals.

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