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A revolution in self care

What if it was easier for people to take more control of their own health? 

What if we could transform people’s lives so they can buy innovative products previously only available with a doctor’s prescription?

We think that’s the right thing to do.

Our mission is to help people look after their health. We believe that, with the right products and support, they can. 

That’s why we started Maxwellia. We are the world’s only company dedicated to making prescription products available to buy in pharmacies.

We ONLY sell first-to-consumer products that help people have easy and convenient access to medicines and advice that once required a trip to their doctor. No other company is dedicated to creating new pharmacy only medicines like Maxwellia.

Innovation is our everyday, helping people get their lives back is our mantra.

Our story

What makes Maxwellia unique?

What is Maxwellia's brand pipeline?

How can Maxwellia be your partner?

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